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What is this?
Drow Love is Tough Love (shortened to DrowLove by its lazy creators) is created by numerous authors in an improv image-based RP. It is currently run by six authors playing a small handful of characters each.
(See also: Summaries done by fans and creators on the wiki.)

The Players
As this is an RP-based comic, the style and artist varies based upon which character is taking any sort of action at any given time. As such, a simple introduction to each player:

Bob The Dragon: Plays Flan and Onion. Is currently writing this page, and is addicted to OOC.
Luminance: Plays Arinae and Lueali. Wields the power of CAPSLOCK with DEADLY force.
Shinigami: Plays Drea and Granth. Is hard to get a hold of during the weekends, but seems to always be needed XD;
Fox/Ars: Plays Felix. Enjoys steampunk and being awesome. (Has left for parts unknown.)
Yubi Shines: Plays Autem and Victhrae. Is probably secretly plotting to kill us all.
Susan: Plays Pyras. Possibly the friendliest person in the world.
Shea: Plays Phyre'ari. Draws shiny butts.

The World
It's probably fairly obvious to those who have played it, but this setting is largely based on the standard setting of the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. The rules of the system will generally apply, though things are bent, changed and broken as we see fit (as a DnD player could tell you, is how the game should be played :3). The story is not meant to focus on the world, however, so don't worry if you've never played DnD or one of it's many offshoot games. This is just a specific fantasy world. :3

Something Else?
Check the FAQ or head to the Forums and just ask! There's not many posts there, but we're completely willing to talk to you and answer questions or just chat :3

We've also got a mailing account, but I'm not actually sure how frequently that's checked. (Answer: Only when Yubi remembers to. Seriously, use the forums.)


The Webcomic List


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