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Note: Any mental scarring you receive because of these is entirely the fault of the artist, and not of the creators of this comic. :D Regardless, we love you, fanartists!

Another Note: Some thumbnail images are buggered. When Yubi has more time, Yubi will replace them. :<

Is some freak who swallows cities while juggling bears with one hand while she makes scary fansites in her offhand.

Deals 4d6 lazor damage as a free action.

Deals illicitly in a large variety of catnip products

Strikes fear into the hearts of all those insecure in their facial hair.

Le Candy Corpse
Sounds like both the most delicious and the most repulsive thing in the world

Crushes several walnuts every time he furrows his brow

Can chew apart an accurately sized chocolate giraffe sculpture in under three minutes

Cracks his knuckles with the sound of several sonic booms

Channels enough electricity to power all of New York for three days straight.

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